With pregnancies and postpartum women (Prenatal-Postnatal)

Premenstural syndromes
Women with menopausal complaints
Gynecological problems
Urinary incontinence
Fecal incontinence
Pelvic organ prolapse
Autonomic nervous system and connective tissue related diseases
Lymphoedema patients are evaluated and taken to the appropriate physiotherapy program.

Information about pregnancy and birth
Exercise in pregnancy and birth training (respiratory techniques, relaxation exercises and relaxation positions)
Physiotherapy approaches for problems which may encounter in pregnancy and postnatal period

Postpartum physiotherapy applications

Pelvic floor muscle strength training in
incontinence and prolapse complaints
(kegel exercises, electrical stimulation, vaginal cones, biofeedback and home rehabilitation devices)
bladder training and recommendations
Connective tissue manipulation, connective tissue massage, mobilization, exercise, relaxation techniques, 
hot agents and electrotherapy applications for  h
eadache, fibromyalgia, constipation,
autonomic nervous system and connective tissue disorders

Manual lymph drainage, compression dressings, compression devices, compression bandages,
active exercises and Complex Decongestive Therapy programs are applied to people with lymphoedema.